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Certification of a management system is the act by which a third party (certification body accredited) states that a product, a process, a service, a performance, a system, conforms to a specific rule or standard that set specific requirements.

Obtain a certification, is a business strategy aimed at the continuous improvement of processes and production and allows you to perform regulatory compliance, implementing proactive policies of social responsibility and transparency.

DIMA SRL is able to provide all necessary consulting services to customers to enable it to obtain the certification of its management system time and cost and provide for the scheduled maintenance.

DIMA SRL uses skilled, diligent and prepared to assist customers in the certification for key management systems:

  • SGW – ISO 3834 Welding
  • SGCE – EN 1090-1 Execution of Steel Structures
  • SGQ – ISO 9001 Quality
  • SGSL – ISO 45001 Health and Safety Job
  • SGA – ISO 14001 Environment
  • SGSA – SA 8000 Social Accountability
  • SGMAN – Maintenance Management Systems
  • Legislative Decree 231/2001 - Organizational Model