The company DIMA SRL was founded in 2011 as an aggregation of consultants who have been operating for over a decade in the sector of Quality Management, Welding, Special Processes and Non-Destructive Testing systems.

The operating fields range from consultancy and training for welding, quality, safety and the environment, to the assistance of companies operating in the welded structures of pressure vessels and carpentry, to Second and Third Part Inspection activities as well as Expediting and Specialist Legal Consultations , Control Welding documentation (Welding Book / Welding Papers, WPQR, welders qualifications, etc.), Non Destructive Testing, Paint Inspection & Coating Survey, Qualification and Surveillance of suppliers, execution of the tests for the verification of the capacity of the processes according to EN 1090-2 (ITT).

DIMA SRL is authorized by Accredited Third Parties for the certification of welding personnel (WPQ), certifications for Non-Destructive Control (NDT) operators of 1st and 2nd ^ Level according to ISO 9712, provides certified courses for the training of Auditors, Welding Coordinators and product management experts according to Regulation (EU) 305/11 - CPR as well as certifies welding procedures (WPQR) according to ISO 15614.

DIMA SRL provides training and training courses in the fields of welding, non-destructive tests, quality, fire prevention and safety at its headquarters or, upon request, directly at customers.

Despite the marked industrial vocation, the training activities of DIMA SRL are also aimed at regional and national bodies responsible for the education of students and workers.

DIMA SRL is certified ISO 9001: 2015 by IIS CERT in the areas 34 (consultancy) and 37 (training), PED N. 19VE00692PN28 32 , obtained the recognition "Excellent Company" from the Veneto Region (DGR 1369/13) and can boast of having advised an extensive customer base on ISO 3834 Welding Management Systems and EN 1090-1 Factory Control Management "CE" marking of metal structures (Factory Production Control / Regulation (EU) No. 305 / 2011-CPR) and rail ISO 15085 .

Further activities are represented by the implementation of Organization - Management - Control Models (MOGC) pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments, taking on positions of Supervisory Body (OdV) and the functions of Technology Transfer Services & Manager on products and services with protected intellectual content.

The company has progressively grown using only its own resources, trying to distinguish itself and establish itself on the market thanks to its skills, certifications and prudent operational and economic management.

DIMA SRL is counted among the advanced service companies that insiders call Kibs ; Knowledge intensive business services or knowledge-intensive business services, sought by the industrial system for the fundamental role of supporting and contributing knowledge and skills that certainly cannot be found within.