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The aim of the Expediting, or monitoring job progress, is to verify that vendors comply with the requirements of the order of the customer, in compliance with the terms and time of delivery.

The objective of the activity is to examine in detail all aspects of the forniture, suggest constructive solutions to meet the delivery times and finally inform the customer about the real situation in the progress of the order.

The activity of Expediting is often required for large-scale projects, for example in the case of construction of a plant for the production of energy or of a refinery, where delays caused by deliveries or poor quality of the supplies will cause serious problems and serious damage cheap. Expediting activities can be conducted on behalf of the Society of Engineering is on behalf of manufacturers, which require the presence and experience in order to monitor the correct and regular progress made specific orders to its suppliers.

DIMA SRL offers available for this activity highly qualified and experienced professional.