DIMA SRL and all its internal and external collaborators undertake to carry out the activity according to the criteria of objectivity, impartiality and professional rigor. All personnel of DIMA SRL, direct and indirect, must maintain behavior inspired by sincerity, honesty and rectitude; in particular, he must refrain from accepting payments directly from the Clients in order to circumvent the correct performance of the activities covered by the assignments.


DIMA SRL and all its collaborators, internal and external, cannot disclose information concerning the activities and interests of the Customers, of which they became aware during the performance of the assignments except in the cases provided for by the laws and internal regulations in force; this information is covered by professional secrecy and DIMA SRL cannot use the information it becomes aware of in the course of its activities for its own benefit or that of third parties.


DIMA SRL and its collaborators must be professionally independent from the Organization which is the object of the assignment; during its activity, DIMA SRL and all its staff, internal and external, must follow criteria of objectivity and consistency with internal operating procedures, always inspired by the principles of equality between customers and equal dignity between Customer and Supplier.


DIMA SRL has as its objective the maximum satisfaction of the Customer, providing trained, qualified and constantly updated personnel for the conduct of the assigned tasks; all its collaborators, internal and external, must therefore operate exclusively in the interest of the customer driven by a strong sense of collaboration; they must possess the necessary and indispensable requisites of personality, morality, competence, seriousness, culture and objectivity.


All internal and external personnel must refuse assignments for which they do not have the professional skills necessary to guarantee maximum effectiveness in carrying out the assignment itself; the effectiveness of the service is ensured and guaranteed by means of a professional and cultural preparation that is constantly updated with periodic and specific training interventions; DIMA SRL develops its service in the terms and conditions contractually defined and agreed, aiming at continuous improvement.


DIMA SRL's objective is to clearly communicate to the Customer all the contents and methods of supply and implementation of the service both in the contractual phase and during the performance of the assignment; DIMA SRL must act quickly, on the occasion of complaints, appeals or reports from the Customer or its collaborators, to give an appropriate response and satisfactory solution.


DIMA SRL and all its internal and external collaborators are required to promote the principles of the Code of Ethics and spread awareness of the duties and rules associated with it among the organizations receiving the service.


I respect people, women and men.
I respect the freedom of women to be what they are, to express themselves, to decide for themselves, without conditioning, because they belong only to themselves.
I respect the right of women to feel safe, not threatened, not forced, not insulted, not blackmailed, not violated, aware that violence is both physical, sexual and verbal.
I respect the right of women not to be offended with gestures, behavior, words, allusions, images.
I recognize dialogue as an instrument of expression, communication, growth, comparison, respect, and that offense, abuse, vulgarity make dialogue devoid of respect.
I recognize my role in this process, not tolerating disrespect, spreading principles, defending myself and my rights.
I recognize that only by respecting people, women and men, can I respect myself.